Submit your Recipe & Memory

Fill out a recipe card and mail it to Historic Columbia at:

Historic Columbia

c/o Columbia Jewish Heritage Initiative

1601 Richland St.

Columbia, SC 29201

You can also drop the card off at the above office, or scan and email it to:

Make sure to fill out the “family memory” on the back of the card. Kugels & Collards is particularly interested in:

  • Why this recipe is special to your family?
  • Who created the recipe and when?
  • What ingredients might be “non-traditional?”

Each memory shared by the public can be accessed freely on the Kugels & Collards blog, alongside the associated recipe. These memories and recipes will contribute to the overarching goal of the Columbia Jewish Heritage Initiative: to document and provide access to and awareness of the local Jewish community.

In addition, these recipe cards will become part of a newly created archival collection, “Kugel’s & Collards,” at the College of Charleston’s Jewish Heritage Collection, in hopes that current and future scholars of Jewish foodways will gain a greater understanding of the role food plays in the Jewish community, and how recipe ingredients and techniques have evolved over time.

Send us your recipe directly.

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I hereby grant Historic Columbia permission to use the attached information for educational and promotional purposes. I understand that this information will be donated to Special Collections at Addlestone Library, the College of Charleston, as part of the Jewish Heritage Collection, and be made available for the use of scholars, researchers, and students. It may also be posted online as part of the recipe blog Kugels & Collards.